Breath of Fresh Air Water


Sourced from the ground springs of Oak Creek Canyon

Longer lifespan and shelf life

 Natural electrolytes

Naturally Alkalized (PH Level of 8+)

Hydrates your cells naturally

Cleanses the body and eliminates toxins

Lubricates your joints

Boosts your immune system to fight off bacteria and fungus-causing infections

Our Water

Breath of Fresh Air Water is 100% Natural, Artesian Spring Water that has the alkaline PH (Power of Hydrogen) level of 8 with no sugars and salts, unlike sports drinks and soda.

BoFA runs from a protected and registered spring surrounded by acres of natural red rocks in Oak Creek Canyon, AZ.

The Artesian Spring water gives your body natural, healthy minerals and plenty of Earth’s natural goodness with a light, pristine water that tastes amazing like "a breath of fresh air."

  • Natural energy booster

  • Neutralizes acid in our body
  • Helps our body absorb nutrients
  • Decreases your chances of getting disease

Our Water Vs. Other Alkaline Waters

A well-balanced alkaline diet ensures that our bodies work efficiently to rid itself of toxins that are caused by acidic substances we consume everyday. Below is a chart showing the ph, or power of hydrogen, levels of common foods on an acidic-to-alkaline based range. Naturally, our bodies are at a neutral ph of 7 when we wake up. However, what we eat and drink throughout the day determines the outcome of our digestive and liver health. That is why Breath of Fresh Air water's boasted ph of 8+ is essential to returning our body back to it's natural alkaline state, leaving our bodies feeling lighter, cleaner, and bursting with energy!

Other Alkaline Water

Synthetically made

Sourced from a Kangen machine (regular/tap water processed through a machine)

Shorter lifespan and shelf life

Added electrolytes

Breath of Fresh Air water is 100% naturally sourced with no additives. We believe that keeping our water genuinely pure water is key to a safe and healthy lifestyle.

Why Go Alkaline?