All Naturalingredients


Madea's Teas are inspired by the gentle, loving, and caring "Grandma's" all around the world. We make sure to put all the wonderful, thoughtful qualities of Grandma in each bottle.  Madea's Teas give you natural sweetness,  healthy vitamins, and natural flavors to give you that refreshing boost. Let Madea’s Teas fill you up to be your natural best. Enjoy hot or chilled.

Madea's Teas

Madea's Care Tea is Grandma's care in a bottle. It has ginger, potassium, zinc, and is enriched with vitamins B & C to give you a refreshing boost. Enjoy a bottle when you are sick, have an upset stomach, are dieting, cleansing, or working out. Madea's Care Tea will give you that special touch when you are lacking energy just like Grandma would.

More teas to come including our Madea's Kids' Teas, Madea's Performer Blend Teas, and Madea's Cocktail Blend Teas!

Madea's SweetTeais created with the natural flavors of Peach and Lemon. Enriched with vitamins to nourish you just as Grandma would. It has zero calories and zero sugar which allows the natural BOLD flavor to burst through.Turn your day into a tea party with Grandma as you enjoy Madea's Sweet Tea.